October 31, 2008

Oliver and Family!

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Yes, normally we would say “hello Downing Family”… but Oliver steals the show! What a little cutie… he is hands down the most hillarious little boy ever. We were still laughing at Oliver’s antics 30 minutes after they left the studio!


October 30, 2008

Hanging with Cole!

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Cole is a tank! He is only 9 months old… and wears 18 month sized clothes! So when his mom suggested we “hang” Cole from our clothesline… we were like, “uh… okaaaay… sure, let’s try it…” He’s SO dang cute!    (but the funniest part was watching the girls try and hold him up on that line… HAHA!)  Hillarious.


Dakota M.V.H.S.

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Dakota made the trip up to Bellingham for his Senior pictures – at the risk of being late to work! He’s a great guy – and what a trooper… laying in leaves, climbing trees, risking life and limb to climb out on the slippery rocks (I just pointed where to go… too chicken to go myself) and the rain held off long enough to get some great images I hope he likes.

Happy Birthday Morgan!

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Morgan is such a little character – it’s no wonder we crack up the whole time she is in our studio. Her expressions are priceless. What a beautiful little girl… who is now completely sugared up! As you can see she was pretty much wearing her birthday cake… like frosting stockings… hahaha!

October 23, 2008

Beth M.H.S.

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Beth might be the most energetic and bouncy girl ever! She made me and her dad laugh the whole time we were out at the park. She’s bendy and easy to pose and she has so much personality – it’s practically jumping out of her! Hmmm… I need to figure out how to bottle her up and sell her…

Busy Little Audrey!

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Audrey is on the go! Moving moving moving and hardly stopping… ha ha… which we love! Lucky for us – she stopped and smiled right when we needed her to… so dang cute. And really, who could resist those big baby blues?

Megan M.B.H.S.

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Megan is such a fantastic person to be around! Her eyes sparkle (with mischief?) and she made me laugh out loud so many times… I had to put the camera down and refocus! I could spend all day with her… seriously… she’s that fun. :o)

October 11, 2008

Let's Trash the Dress!

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Congratulations to Rob and Allison who just enjoyed their 5 year anniversary! They decided (well, okay… it was HER idea) to celebrate their first five years in style… get all dressed up and… trash the wedding dress! Tying Allison up on the railroad tracks while Rob checks his watch for the next train… oh, how sweet. And that water they are in… is freezing. I love them. Seriously.

October 9, 2008

Jessica & Samantha M.B.H.S.

Posted in High School Seniors at 3:44 am by Tina Ducker

Jessica and Samantha have been friends since the 6th grade! And now they are enjoying their Senior year in High School. We had a great time at the park dodging trains, joggers, and bikers to capture some Senior pictures… and of course some BFF memories too.

October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Peyton!

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Little Peyton is already ONE YEAR OLD! She always makes us laugh when she comes in… such a little fashionista. And she is completely ready to trade in those cheerios for some more of that birthday cake frosting. YUM!

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