October 30, 2008

Hanging with Cole!

Posted in General Notes, Little Ones at 4:22 am by Tina Ducker

Cole is a tank! He is only 9 months old… and wears 18 month sized clothes! So when his mom suggested we “hang” Cole from our clothesline… we were like, “uh… okaaaay… sure, let’s try it…” He’s SO dang cute!    (but the funniest part was watching the girls try and hold him up on that line… HAHA!)  Hillarious.



  1. Diane Bern said,

    I have seen a lot of pictures of Cole, but these are by far the cutest ones so far. We loved the one with him in the flower pot, but you have out down yourselves this time! Your photos really catch his wonderful personality!

    Cole’s Grandma

  2. Auntie Katie said,

    OH MY GOSH! these are the absolute cutest pictures of my Coley that i have ever seen!

  3. John Aldrich said,

    He sure is a cutie and looks like a very happy baby. Send me some pictures via email so I can post them on our website!

  4. Becky Stoltz said,

    Oh my gosh……these are such GREAT pictures!!!! Since my nephew is such a big boy, I can’t believe you guys were able to hold him up..haha!

    Cole’s Auntie

  5. Alesia said,

    OMG! Heather he is adorable. Definitely model material, call your agent.

  6. artiemphoto said,

    Heather! Don’t make us tan your hide! HAHAHAHA :o)

  7. Terri Bryant said,

    He is so darned cute!!! I can’t believe they were able to hang him from a clothes line since he’s such a BIG BOY!!! We can’t wait to see him at the sand dunes on Thanksgiving!!

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