November 30, 2008

Sweet Little Brendan!

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Welcome to the world little Brendan! This little guy came along a couple of weeks early and isn’t even 5 pounds yet… but is he not the cutest little thing you have ever laid eyes on?  Sweet natured and just too lovable – you can easily cuddle with him for hours on end.  And no matter what anyone says… he totally smiles when I kiss his tiny little hands. Too dang cute for words. Seriously.




November 20, 2008

The Rasmussen Kids!

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It’s always exciting to watch children you’ve known since they were born grow into their personalities and become great kids…. it’s even more surreal when you graduated high school with their mom, and you start to see the your friend’s personality starting to come out in her kids…. haha! Better hang on, Rasmussen parents… these kids are going to give you a run for your money!



Go Seahawks… hee hee!

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Um… so obviously The Kneeland Family enjoys the occasional Seahawk game!  :o)  And little Tyler is not very little… he is only 4 months old… and he looks like he’s 9 months old! But what a fun time we had trying to get him to wear his hat and to keep him distracted long enough to be photographed. What a fun family.




The Cozy Little Isom Family!

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This family is so cute and cuddly… so much fun to photograph! Little Alexa is soooo fun to play with… and what a little model she is turning into! I can’t wait to watch this family get bigger…




November 12, 2008

Hello, Harkness Kidlets!

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These Harkness kids are SO cute… and we love getting to see them whenever they come in. Brooke and Bailey always make us smile (and they always forgive me when I can NOT tell them apart…) and Tanner just makes us laugh. So adorable. We love it.



November 6, 2008

The Barge Family!

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We love this little family! Sharon and Brian were the very first wedding that our studio booked when we opened… and we have really enjoyed becoming friends over the years… oh, and what an adorable family they are growing into! Brock is such a character and Aspen is such a good-natured little (ha – these kids are not little!) baby girl. We love these guys. Seriously.  :o)




November 5, 2008

Welcome Kyla!

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Welcome to the newest little Holz girl… little Kyla! She is 2 weeks old and already entertaining her two older sisters. We can all tell we are going to have so much fun photographing this adorable little baby… what a model!  Love it.




Meeting Audria!

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We were so excited to meet little 5 week old Audria today, who came in with her mommy for her first pictures. Just look at those pudgy little cheeks… she is definately a little cutie… and we can’t wait to watch her keep growing.  So fun.



Little Sophia!

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Sophia is only 10 months old and is already on the move! She is interested in everything (but pictures) and curious about all the fun stuff around her (except the camera)… haha! We all had a great time getting her cute expressions and the added aerobic workout was a bonus!  ;o)