January 29, 2009

Catching up with Madi & Brody!

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Madi and Brody are both growing up SO fast… that I can hardly KEEP UP with them.  Mommy is still bringing in baby Brody every month for his first year… so we get to visit with Madi at the same time… and she just turned 2 herself.  These kids are seriously SO much fun to play with and we just LOVE THEM.  Lots.  Can’t wait to see them again… and again… and then the month after that again…




January 23, 2009

Meeting Another Timmer!

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What?  There is another adorable little Timmer boy already?  We FINALLY got to meet James’ little  (okay… not so little… hello- he’s HUGE)  brother.   HOW FUN is he?   Both boys are awesome and so easy to play with and to photograph… and we can’t wait to see them again and again… GOOD TIMES.




Cute Little Parker!

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Soooo… Parker is ALL BOY… and we love that we are getting to know such  a cute little guy… and already at 3 months old… he’s very entertaining.  I am sure he will soon learn to love me … even though I blind him every time he smiles.  Sorry, Parker… but you are too dang cute.




January 21, 2009

Fun with Dannika!

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Obviously… this little girl is ADORABLE… and easy to photograh!   But Dannika is also just a pleasure to spend time with… I swear she is always happy!  She’s walking, climbing, and curious about everything she happens to run into… and we love seeing her.  And just watching her little face light up makes our day!



Welcome Baby Tate!

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Awwwww… two of our favorite people ever just had a baby boy!  Welcome little baby Tate… who, HELLO… is seriously WAY CUTE…  We can’t wait to get our hands on him again and again and again… this kid is going to be SO sick of being photographed… but too bad, Tate… really – too bad.  You shouldn’t be so adorable.




Kylan's 18 month pictures!

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Seriously… this kid is growing up WAY TOO FAST.  It’s like we blinked and suddenly Kylan is a year and a half old… DANG.  He is such a great kid and he is just sooooo much fun to chase down and photograph.   Oh.  And when he blows you goodbye kisses and says “thank you”… MELTS  your heart.  Love it.



A Visit from Mikaela!

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Mikaela is easily one of the smartest 3 years olds EVER!  She is hilarious and always makes us laugh when she comes in for a visit. We love taking her pictures because she is just soooo much fun and her personality shines. We can’t wait to see her again!