January 21, 2009

Kylan's 18 month pictures!

Posted in General Notes, Little Ones at 9:35 pm by Tina Ducker

Seriously… this kid is growing up WAY TOO FAST.  It’s like we blinked and suddenly Kylan is a year and a half old… DANG.  He is such a great kid and he is just sooooo much fun to chase down and photograph.   Oh.  And when he blows you goodbye kisses and says “thank you”… MELTS  your heart.  Love it.




  1. Heidi said,

    Oh my gosh Kim! He is so adorable! What a little handsome boy! I remember the 18 month old pictures being the hardest ones with keeping Luke contained. What a challenge & very fun memories! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Malorie said,

    Awwww little Kylan, but shouldn’t there be some volleyballs in these pictures?

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