April 29, 2009

Marissa and McKenzie!

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Marissa is a Big Sister!  Welcome to the world baby McKenzie!  She is already one month old… and omigosh… how cute is she?  (pretty dang cute)  Marissa did a great job showing her new little sister how things are done around here – and the two of them were angels – adorable angels!  We are soooooo happy for this ever-growing family… and we are looking forward to watching these girls keep growing!




April 27, 2009

Dwayne and Rachelle

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What a great session!  Rachelle and Dwayne were so much fun to roam around the park with during their engagement session… sipping coffee, talking wedding plans, and laughing. And we didn’t even have to pull out the squirt gun!  I am so excited for their wedding – which I can already tell is going to be so much fun to be around them for the whole day. As long as I don’t steal Rachelle’s white chocolate mocha, that is.  🙂





April 16, 2009

Troy and Ashley

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Congratulations to Ashley and Troy… they are getting married this coming September!  We had a great time roaming around in the sunshine at Boulevard Park… and they are cuddly, giggly, and obviously very much in Love. You know it’s obvious to everyone when you hear a little girl shout “Ewww! Don’t look at them… they’re kissing!” 




April 11, 2009

Meeting Little Dakota!

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Omigosh.  We got to meet brand new little adorable Dakota today! She is soooo dang cute!  What a trooper – going through so many outfit changes and only like a million flashes going off in her face… and she didn’t keep it a secret that I was not her favorite person… hahaha…. I love it.




Payge all grown up…!

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We have known Payge since she was just a baby… and to see her all grown up like this… man, we are getting OLD!  She is already in the 6th grade and ready to head into Junior High.  Beautiful, funny, and smart… it’s great to witness her growing into such a fabulous young lady.



Mason at 9 months!

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We love when we get a visit from Mason – he’s  SUCH  a good natured little  (little? THIS kid is NOT little)  guy… so much fun to play with and we really enjoy his charming little personality.  Thankfully we had two strong boys here to hold him up on the clothesline… Mason weighs a ton!  🙂



April 10, 2009

Sweet Little Audria!

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Ohhh… YAY!  We got to see little Audria this week… who we haven’t seen since she was teeny-tiny!  She is so cute and so much fun… I could play with her for hours on end.  We definitely need to get our Audria-fix more often around here!



Brody at 7 months!

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What??!!  When did these seven months fly by?  How can Brody already be already this old?  Well… I must say he is just getting more and more and more cute… OF COURSE.  Can’t wait to see what mom has in store next month.  Good times.



Meeting Little Janson!

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A brand new little Burns has arrived!  Congratulations to big brother Aiden – who now will have his hands full with this adorable bundle of fun!  We are soooo excited to meet little Janson – who is already full of smiles!



A Visit from The Campbell girls!

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How fun!  We got to meet Lauren and Chloe this week… and they are both so cute and easy to work with.  Chloe is seriously an awesome big sister… and it is obvious that baby Lauren just adores her.  This is going to be fun set of sisters to get to know better as they grow.