June 27, 2009

Catching up with The Hill Family!

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Okay… so every now and then a little girl comes along who is SO dang adorable she steals my heart!  Grayson is one of my favorite little ones to photograph because she has so much personality that she entertains me the entire time. Love her. It was great spending time with the Hill family at Lake Padden and getting to catch up again. So much fun.

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The Smart Family!

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Yeah!  We got to see super cute Grace today (and her very nice parents too, of course) and she is a crack up!  She is already 2 years old and talking up a storm.. she did a great job sitting still and smiling like a pro… SO much fun. :o)

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June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Aspen!

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Whoooo Hoooo!  Aspen is a whole year old already… and so dang cute it is hard to believe.  She’s sooooo adorable and we love when her and her big brother Brock come to play with us. And when they bring cake… oh… THAT’S even better.  Love it.  Happy 1st Birthday Aspen! 🙂

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A Visit From Ronan! :)

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Ronan is flippin’ ADORABLE…. what a hilarious little boy.  So much fun to play with and seriously… he crawls like the wind!  He’s CLOSE to walking and at 9 months… that’s pretty impressive.  We can not wait to keep watching him keep growing… and to see what he’s going to do next to entertain us.

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June 20, 2009

Rachelle and Dwayne get hitched!

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Omigosh! What a fun day… Rachelle and Dwayne got a lucky break and the rain stopped just long enough for us to go out and have some fun outside on their wedding day. We laughed all day… and they were just SO cute and in Love. (Rachelle even made me cry – she was so adorabable… awwwww.) And if you EVER want to hear the funniest story EVER… ask either of them about what happened with the ring bearer while we were doing the “boy’s picture.” HILARIOUS.  Congrats to Dwayne and Rachelle… we loved being with you on such a great day.

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June 19, 2009

Megan, Charlie, and Andy :)

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What a grrrrr-reat  (bear with me… you will get it)  idea for Father’s Day.   Megan and Charlie brought cute little Andy  (the dog – now you get the “grrrr”?)  in for pictures to give their Dad as a gift.  They were so much fun and it was nice seeing Megan again since we photographed her Senior pictures last year… and a special THANKS to Charlie who was a great sport and laid on the floor without even complaining.  Sweet.



June 16, 2009

Introducing Little Trey!

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Whoooo hoooo out to Caden …who is a new BIG brother!  We got to meet adorable little Trey today… and we can already tell how much fun this new Huetink is going to be.  Congratulations to the Huetink Family… we can’t wait to keep watching you guys grow.  Too dang adorable.  Seriously. 🙂

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Tyler at 10 months!

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Tyler is 10 months old already!  And believe it or not… this boy is already standing up all on his own… he is so close to walking… it’s amazing. What a crack up – he always makes us laugh and we love when we get to spend some time playing with this adorable boy! (and good luck Mom and Dad… he’s going to outrun you at every turn…)




Brand New Little Gabriel!

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Awwww. We love when we get to meet a brand new little one… and Gabriel is adorable. We are so looking forward to watching him grow and start to see more of his little personality come out. What a cutie.





Emily N.V.H.S.

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Okay… so we all agree – Emily is too dang cute.  And she just graduated from Nooksack Valley High School… so she is on her way to bigger and better things.  Congratulations Emily!  Go out and do something amazing with the rest of your life!




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