June 20, 2009

Rachelle and Dwayne get hitched!

Posted in General Notes, Tying the Knot at 8:43 pm by Tina Ducker

Omigosh! What a fun day… Rachelle and Dwayne got a lucky break and the rain stopped just long enough for us to go out and have some fun outside on their wedding day. We laughed all day… and they were just SO cute and in Love. (Rachelle even made me cry – she was so adorabable… awwwww.) And if you EVER want to hear the funniest story EVER… ask either of them about what happened with the ring bearer while we were doing the “boy’s picture.” HILARIOUS.  Congrats to Dwayne and Rachelle… we loved being with you on such a great day.

rd_0182 copy

rd_0045 copy


t2_188 copy

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