July 26, 2009

Amanda & Chris Tie The Knot!

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Congratulations to Amanda and Chris… what a fun couple and a beautiful wedding!  We laughed with them all day and enjoyed (melted in… haha) the warm weather that turned into cool rain by the end of the day. Thanks for letting us share in your big day!

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July 17, 2009

Adorable Little Brooklyn!

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Omigosh.  How CUTE is this little girl?  At only 3 months… Brooklyn is freakin’ adorable!  And what a ham… she didn’t start smiling really big unitl the flash was going off… THAT’S my kind of girl!  I’m soooooo excited to keep watching Brooklyn’s personality emerge…. we’re going to get along just fine.  :o)



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The Kahnamoui Family!

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We got to meet a great Grandma this week… and her fun daughter and two fabulous grandkids who happened to be visiting from out of town. We spent the entire session laughing and having a great time… and working with quite a model-like little girl… fun stuff. 🙂




July 3, 2009

McKenzie at 3 months! :)

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Awwww…. little McKenzie is growing too fast… 3 months old already? Wow. What a great little baby… too dang cute and so much fun to play with.  I can’t wait to see her the next time she comes in… it’s awesome watching her little personality develop.



July 2, 2009

The Rowley Family!

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We got to catch up with the Rowley Family today… and their two adorable little ones – Olivia and Logan. Olivia is soooo smart and fun to trick into getting in front of the camera… and Logan is just so easy-going and kind of just rolls with whatever his big sister throws his way. Too cute. What a fun family. 🙂