August 17, 2009

Amy and OJ Get Themselves Hitched!

Posted in General Notes, Tying the Knot at 2:18 am by Tina Ducker

What can we say about Amy and OJ? This fun-loving and free-spirited couple decided to get hitched up on an amazing mountain with a breath-taking view in the early morning… it was gorgeous!  They laughed, they danced, they broke out into song and they entertained us all morning long.  It was a pleasure watching this obviously in Love couple do their thing… enjoy each other. Thanks for having us be part of such an amazing day!

IMG_0149 copy


IMG_0056 copy


IMG_0138 copy

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  1. Linda Roberts said,

    OJ and Amy,

    Congratulations! The pics are absolutely beautiful and so you. I can’t wait to see more – like some closeups and pics of the dress. I’m so happy for you both. I haven’t had the opp to meet OJ yet, but I can only imagine that he is something very ‘special’. Miss seeing you at the office.


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