about Tina Ducker Photography

Tina Ducker has been a professional photographer since 1990. She is an active member of The Professional Photographers organization and has earned her Fellow in Photography degree along with her Associate Fellow in Photography.

Her success in professional print competitions over the last few years have earned her a number of trophies including: Best Portrait of a Child, Best Wedding Portrait, Best Wedding Album, Best Wedding Group, Best Portrait of a Groom, Best Wedding Candid, and Best in Show.

Tina’s personal photographic style is fun, relaxed, and enjoyable… her goal is to make sure each of her clients feel comfortable and enjoy the picture-taking experience.




  1. Mark Gardner said,

    OK. I looked at your blog. Pretty cool huh. I’d like to chat aboiut what you think this does for you marketing wise, and maybe how to use Facebook for marketing. Cheers, Mark

  2. Mark Gardner said,

    So how do you get back to your website from the blog? Should there be a link?

  3. Mona Aarstol said,

    I had pix of my grandaughter on her first birthday taken at Yari’s and would love to get prints – can you please tell me how this can be done…

    • TD Photo said,

      Hi Mona, you can email me at: td.photo@live.com with your grandaughter’s name and apx. date the session was done and I can make sure that I have them. Thanks!

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