March 18, 2009

Bring on another Balzotti!

Posted in General Notes at 10:46 pm by Tina Ducker

YEAH!  Andrea and Paul are having a baby!  How exciting is that?  ( Hello… VERY.)  We have loved catching up with one of our favorite wedding couples… and we are soooo happy that they are going to be blessed with a new baby.  Congratulations to you guys!  Can’t wait to meet this new baby that I am sure will be just… adorable.




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  1. Sally Kolar said,

    Hey Andrea and Paul, You may not remember me but I helped Radley photograph your wedding, I also used to go to CTK. I now live in Augusta, Ga. I just want to send great big congratulations!!! Andrea you are so stunning. You have to be the most beautiful mother to be I have ever seen. And Paul, you are a blessed man! Wow, your pictures are so beautiful. Sally Kolar

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